N 06-686 Online-Grand Prix

1st Fed Ace Cock '07

3rd National Ace Cock '07

Strain: Lindberg/ Houben


This is an extraorinary cock. He was an amazing racing pigeon, he is 2 x 1st price winner + he lost only in entrance another 5 - 6 times. He was also Grand Prix in the National Show of the year '10. Because og his amazing racing carrer we choosed to put him to stock already in 2010.

Race results:



N 08-558A: 8-9-30-39.

N 08-559A: 14-50.

N 09-1095A: 2-18-35.

N 09-1096A: 3-12-21.

N 09-546A: 3-6-10-12-22-24-41-43-54. Online-Grand Prix eye

N 09-547U: 7-55.

N 10-558U: 8-29

N 10-559A: 8-13-13.

N 10-1001A: 12-39.

N 11-303: 37

N 11-304: 2-6-13-39

N 11-634: 17-22-27-45-55-58.

N 11-638: 2-20-31-41-52-56-59.

N 12-334A: 48-56-76

N 12-335U: 27-32-63-69

N 12-546A: 18-36-70

N 12-547: 27-39-65

N 13- "Wifi Online" SAMDPR 2014: PT 15km 3926/6088p, PT 26km 1799/6091p, PT 26km 5350/5961p, T1 39km 1827/5955p, T2 46km 5203/5791p, T3 51km 5244/5706p, T4 51km  2388/5651p, T5 78km 3458/5533p, T6 78km 1268/5189p, HSCR1 138km 1542/4881p, T7 78km 3069/4112p, HSCR2 156km 1322/4065p, T9 51km 755/4028p, T10 78km 1279/4058p, HSCR3 224km 1st Nat/Int.412/4092p, T11 78km 1531/4027p, T12 114km 1st Nat./491/4023p, T+ 78km 1st Nat/ 422/4023p, HSCR4 274km 990/3878p, T13 121km 1387/3903p, HSCR5 324km 2262/3900p, T14 52km 1622/3625p, T15 78km 437/3588p.