B 11-5010619 Figo Indra 619

Strain: A & H Reynaert via Herman Beverdam


An amazing hen!

Father "Figo Indra" is superbreeder son of "Figo" (Winner 1st National and father of birds winning against 120.000 duer) & "Indra" daughter fullsister "Figo." Premier Stud has a fullbrother of "Figo Indra" named "Angelzarke."

Mother "Dochter Supercrack" is as the name speaks, daughter of "Supercrack" 10 x 1st prices! 1st prov. Kampionen HG 1996. 


N 12-324U: 23-34-80

N 12-373A: 5-14-8-18-19-22-35-47 *11th National Ace Youngbird '12*

N 12-374U "Golden Indra": Deltager MVL-Cup 2012.

N 12-563A: 5-10-22-25 *5th National Ace Youngbird '12* Figo Indra 619 Eye

N 12-564U: 3- 4-10-20-22-24-39 *10th National Ace Youngbird '12*

N 13-400U: 52-62
















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