Stormin Norman Stormin Norman


GB 98 F 83283

Strain: Busschaert



Bought from Louis Masserella, Louella Pigeon World. Son Champion Stormin Norman: A winner of
17 x 1st, 4 times 1st combine, 3 x 1st section, & 3rd, 15th & 20th Open N.I.P.A: Derbys up to 25.000
pigeons per race. Remarkable pigeon stock, responsible for winners with 9 different hens. Also father to
a National winner.
 Barnebarn av tidenes beste due dengang; Champion Parkside Superman: Winner of twice 1st & 2nd Open Fed before stock. Responsible for 1st prize winners at every distance, North & South 
through to National level and beating up to 22.000 birds per race.


N 02-15793C "Sinnataggen:" 8-19-20-21-24-33-36-52-53-64-68. 

Stormin Norman øye

 N 03-16378H: 5.

 N 03-16414C: 46-75.

 N 03-16419C "Ruben Barichello:" 6-9-15-18-21-23-24-29-38-53-56-61.

 N 03-16420C: 3-30-35-55.

 N 04-17840H: 2-8-17-30-33-80.

 N 04-17863C "Legolas:" 1st Fed. Ace Cock 2005: 3-8-10-19-19-21-22-36

 N 04-17864H: 6-33-95.

 N 05-17485C "Bossen:" 2-8-16-2-25-29-60.

 N 05-17486X: 55.

 N 06-1088H "Grand Prix": 1st Fed. Ace Hen 2007, Grand Prix National Show of the year in Kristiansand '08: 1-1-6-21-29. 

 N 06-1089C: 35-46.

 N 06-680H: 17-47-54.

 N 06-681H: 22-38-62-66.

 N 07-604C "Padborger'n:" 1-7-10-17-52-59-67.

 N 07-639C: 49.

 N 07-640C: 16.

 N 07-962C: 4-12-15-19.

 N 08-541C: 5-5-10-31-43-51.

 N 08-542C: 50.

 N 08-564C: 47-72.

 N 09-942H: 21-22-66.

 N 11-261C: 31-35-38.

 N 11-263H: 19-34-49

 N 12-354H: 48-62-63

 N 12-365x: 36-62