B 11-4025055 Smurfie

Strain: Rauw-Sablon via Johan Van Damme


Father is "Smurf" 2.prov. Poitiers and total 3 x 1.prices.

Mother is daughter "Locco" 1.Nat Brive against 16.815 pigeons and a total of 12 x 1.prices! He was also 1st Ace pigeon F.C.D fond 2009.

She is also grandchild of superbreeder "Freddy."


N 12-355U: 23-50-53-59-77

N 12-356U: 1-12-19-29-30-74-74 *3rd Fed. Ace Hen '13, 4th National Ace Hen '13*

N 12-558U: 9-19-22-23-33-33

N 12-559U: 41



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