N 12-17041 

Strain: Lindberg


Full sister 16th price winner SAMDPR finale '13 "Dallas Texas"

Half sister "Elfpender" 1st National Ace Cock '11

Put straight to stock.


Sun City *Superbreeder*

Full brother to "East of Eden" the 2009 Sun City Winner! The parents were always raced on France and had to cross the channel every race!


Queen L. *Superbreeder*

Fullsister to, Emiel Denys, "Mama Franco."

Daughter "Lancon," uncle 1st Intternational San Sebastian, 6th National Barcelona, 3rd National Marseille, 1st provincial St. Vincent.

Mother is “Dochter Adonis”  aunt 1st International San Sebastian 2002, 6th interprovincial Perpignan yearlings 2002, 6th National Barcelon



Lørdag, 18 September 2021